[25/06/17] These days I only seem to be vidding for cons or fests, without that deadline to work towards, nothing ever seems to get made. Enjoy this years Vidukon Premiere which debuted in the Eurovision Show. 

[07/08/16] Again no festivid from me this year, but at least two VidUKon premieres. Progress, I guess? As always I spend an aweful long time searching for music, because I never get song bunnies, just ideas for visuals and stories.

I'm really happy with how 'Ich Laufe' turned out, though the vid will likely just find a niche audience. The Lucifer vid is  this year's 'rough and ready' vid, but this fandom is so much fun I just couldn't resist. And I really wanted to have a vid in the Premiere show as well...

[20/06/15] Look at that, it took me a whole year to make another vid! I am a total snail vidder. I am very happy with this one, I had great beta support, learnt a lot, and reworked it a few times to make it the best vid it could be. Let's hope I can squeeze another one out before the year is over.....

[20/07/14] My VidUKon premiere, again, fashionably late. 2014 will go down as the year of the unbetaed vids, which I'm not happy about, because the beta process is where I get challenged, learn stuff and are prevented from being self-indulgent. 

[09/02/14] This years festivid, made in a little bit less than 48 hours. Not a work of art, but definately a work of love (for the show and isagel) 

[13/06/13] This has never happened before - it took me nearly 4 weeks to upload and post my VidUKon premiere. 

[31/03/13] Submitted a Premiere for VidUKon - again, this is a last minute affaire, I'm afraid, that only came to be because I picked a REALLY short song. I'm very grateful to icepixie & maichan who agreed to beta on ultra-short notice and did a brillant job!

[02/02/13]  Festivids reveals - w00t! I got the bestes vid ever from Grammarwoman, celebrating one of my fav movies of the 8oties - which ties in very nicely with my own vid. Long live 8oties teen movies.....

[28/12/12] It looks like I will manage to squeeze in my festivid before the deadline. Phew! 

[15/08/12]  Back from VVC and uploaded my vid. My artsy person is busy in RL right now so placeholders are lame, but hopefully the vid makes up for it

[29/07/12]  Yay! I managed to finish a Premiere Vid for Vividcon. It typical fassion I got a little bit of a melt-down a few days after the deadline and talked myself into thinking the submission had not gone through. Cue me shooting of a gazillion frantic e-mails to everybody working on the con-com, until Ian took mercy on me and confirmed that my vid had been received. Phew!

[03/10/11]   Frak, look at that, I finished the clipping in the middle of August and I still don't have more than two clips on the time line! I kind of got side tracked by a couple of other ideas, so I've started ripping another source, and have been looking for a suitable vid song for yet another source while contemplating festivid possiblities. The year started so well I thought I'd end up with 4 or 5 vids. Well, that's not gonna happen.

[19/08/11]   I've uploaded my Club Vivid Vid - a quick and dirty little number. I have also fisnished clipping for my next project and hope that I can keep up momentum. 

[05/07/11]   I'm very pleased with myself - first time I submitted a vid to the Creative Junkyard Awards and I made it into the finals! Given that they've had 402 sumissions, that makes me very happy. 

[11/04/11]   Back from VidUKon and posting my lastest vid after 17 months gestation. 

[06/02/11]   Unbelievable. No, not the fact that there is another vid (even thought that's a fricking miracle in itself), but the fact that I FORGOT to post it on time.

[27/05/10]   Nearly 3 months later and my vid is still in hibernation, I'm not quite sure where to take it next. Plus, life is very busy for me right now. In happier news:

Thanks Andrea & Shona, that's just the encouragement I needed. 

[08/03/10] While I'm waiting for my beta to machete through my new vid I whipped up something fun to celebrate the Olympic Games.

[01/03/10] First draft of my new vid is on it's way to my beta. We're still snail-mailing it, she lives in low-bandwidth- country, so it'll still be a while.

[01/11/2009] I've finally gotten around to get started on my new vid. It's great to be able to finish clipping in a couple of hours. Downside of doing an episodic is that there are so few clips to choose from. Duh!!

[07/09/2009] I've got an idea for a new vid (an episodic, purely because I don't want to spend an eternity on clipping...). Still struggling with the music, though. Don't you just hate it if you find a song with perfect lyrics but the style, genre or beat are just not working for your vid.

[16/08/2009] No time for vidding, somebody had the stupid idea to have their own website. My computer is even more temperamental than normally, I could swear it's demonic possession...  

FanVid Rental

Here you can find my attempts at vidding.  It's not a lot, I am a snail vidder, but hopefully I'll be able to add new vids once in a while. Don't expect me to churn out a vid every few weeks, though, like some vidders do.  

If you feel compelled to leave a comment,just go ahead. I love any kind of feedback, no matter whether it's  squee, concrit or somewhere in between. So don't feel shy and send me an e-mail or use LJ, I've put in links to the relevant threads. 

I don't really feel like writing a whole long list of rules, I guess if you're the kind of person that steals other people's intellectual property you don't really care about rules anyway. And let's be honest, if you steal clips or distribute my vids in places I don't want them to be it only means two things: You think my vids are good, and you don't have an ounce of creativity of your own.  For the legal junkies amongst you go to the bottom of the page.

Saviour Unknown

Song: Saviour Unknown
Artist: Shaun Bartlett
Fandom: Øyevitne
Completed June 2017, premiered at VIdUKon 2017, Eurovision Show
Size: 83MB (mpg) 

For the longest time I've been wanting to make a meta vid about the USobsession with remaking successful non-US shows instead of airing the original. As of yet, that project is way too ambitious for my abilities, time availability and brain capacity. So I did the next best thing, and vidded a little know Norwegian show that got it's US remake last year and had some success. ,
I watched both, and even though I prefer the Norwegian version they’re both good in their own way. The biggest difference is how talky and exposure heavy the US version is in comparison to the original. The plot is a 'coming out story' entwined with a crime thriller with the twist, since it's not a whodunit (the show opens with the crime) but more a whydunit. But really, it's mostly a character drama with a few murders sprinkled on top.

If you feel the need to comment head over to my livejournal.

Call Me Devil

Song: Call Me Devil
Artist: Friends in Tokio
Fandom: Lucifer
Completed June 2016, premiered at VIdUKon 2016, Premieres
Size: No Subs 138MB (avi) 

I'm sure this is the fastest I've ever vidded - and it shows. I made this in something like 48 hours (spread over 2 weeks) and then spend another nerve-wracking 2 weeks trying to export it because Sony kept crashing. This is what happens if you vid with HD source. Totally unbeta-ed and noticably rough around the edges.

I've really fallen into this fandome head over heals. All the vids I've seen have focused on the LOLness of it all or the Lucifer/Chloe relationship, so I wanted to focuse more on Lucifer himself, the darkness, evilness and loneliness in his character. This should have been a much better vid, it totally runs out of steam before the end, and th editing is rather clumsy and terribly literal at times. I'm still glad I vidded this show, though.

If you feel the need to comment head over to my livejournal.

Ich laufe

Song: Ich laufe
Artist: Tim Bendzko
Fandom: Freier Fall / Free Fall (movie)
Completed May 2016, premiered at VIdUKon 2016, Eurovision Show
Size: No Subs 139MB (mpg) or With Subs 141MB (mpg)

Freier Fall has been dubbed the German Brokeback Mountain, rather unimaginatively. However, being shot on a relatively small budget, has noting of the cinematic  scope of Ang Lee's movie, making do with just a handful of mundane set pieces. What it does share with the Oscar winning film is the emotional impact and tacturne characters who express their emotions mostly through action and glances rather than words. Set in the German police force this is in equal parts a love story and social commentary.

I found a rather perfect song for this, though it is German, so not accessable easily for most people. I have tried to vid in a way that does not rely on words for understanding, but still use the lyricis to enhance the vid for those who do understand it. I have used both German speaking and non-speaking beta's to make sure it works across language barriers. Quite pleased with this one, I've got to say. Sub-titled versions available. 

If you feel the need to comment head over to my livejournal.


Song: Wasteland
Artist: Needtobreathe
Fandom: Grantchester
Completed May 2015, premiered at VIdUKon 2015
Size: 145MB (mp4) or 146MB (divx)

I am convinced Wasteland is the illegitimate love-child of Lewis (UK crime show famed for it's pretty setting, tasteful murders and bromancing detectives) and Downton Abby (period soap). Okay, so Lewis is about a current-day Gordie detective with an ex-priest side-kick set in Oxfordshire, and Grantchester is about a 50's ex-soldier priest with a Gordie detective side-kick set in Cambridgeshire - do you see a theme here?
I have to say, I am rather pleased with how this turned out. I was lucky to find a song that worked really well for this source, and to have excellent beta-support that did not let me get away with sloppyness. The vid is mostly a Sidney character study with a bit of bromance on the side.

If you feel the need to comment head over to my livejournal.

I Like How It Feels

Song: I Like How It Feels
Artist: Enrique Iglesias ft. Pittbull
Fandom: Graceland
Completed May 2014 and premiered at VidUKon 2014
Size: 206 MB (mp4) & 56 MB (mp4)

This is something fluffy and lightweight - I really enjoyed the first season of Graceland, the SouthCal way of life, that lovely community feel in the house and the slashy potential between Mike & Briggs. So this is just that, Mike, the newbie likes how it feels to live on the beach, get to play with guns and have Briggs watching his back. No more depth than that, I'm afraid...

Again unbetaed because time management isn't my strong suit, so please feel free to give me tips for improvements. If you want to leave a comment, whether conrit or squee, or anything inbetween, please go here.

Lost Cause

Song: Lost Cause
The Americans
Completed & premiered January 2014 as a festivid gift for isagel
Size: 148MB (wmv)

I've got to be honest, this vid was a struggle, and not just because the tech gods abandonned me and I had to make  it  -literrally - last minute. The story told is so intrecate and complex, with so many layers, that I really struggled to find a fitting song, decide on a narrative thread and focus for the vid.

As it is, an (unbetaed and raw) look at Elizabeth and how she is trying to get a clear view on her relationship with Philip, what it is, and what  she wants it to be, in the middle of the net of lies, violence, intrigue and deception that has become their second nature way of living.

If you want to leave a comment, whether conrit or squee, or anything inbetween, please go here.

Komm Mit Mir Mit

Song: Komm Mit Mir Mit (Come With Me Now)
Artist: Alin Coen Band
Fandom: Barfuss (Barfoot)
Completed in March 2013, premiered June 2013 at VidUKon
Size: 26MB (divx)

The first half of this year was crazy busy for me, and while most of it was the good kind of busy (VidUKon, a wedding, presenting at a conference) the whole sum of it still worked out kind of exhausting. Since I also agreed to do a panel and a vid show for VidUkon I cheeted a bit with my premiere and picked a really short song and a movie, so that clipping and vidding time could be kept to a minimum.
All the vids in my Eurovision vid show come from really great sources that people should all go and watch. This vid, however, is more a case of 'a movie I love for the movie it could have been but isn't' - so there is no need to go out and try and find a copy of it. This vid is my version of the movie it should have been. Maichan and icepixie did a brilliant job betaing this in ultra-fast speed (because I was running so late), even with reference to the German Lyrics.

Lyrics can be found at my livejournal where you can also leave a message.

Moment of Truth

Song: Moment of Truth
Artist: Miley Survivor
Fandom: Varsity Blues
Completed December 2012, premiered January 2013 as a festivid for Greensilver
Size: 100MB (divx)

This festivid really tricked me. I offered this not having seen the movie since it first came out. All I remembered was Van Der Beek squee, fun & romance. My 1999 self loved it.  So imagine my surprise when I was matched on this, re-watched it, and was totally distracted by the fact that the movie was littered with people I knew but did not remember being in the movie.  And than my shock at the fact that the movie actually is a rather uneven mix of frat boy humor, coming of age tale, teen romance and sports movie. And all that hides a poignant story line about institutional bullying and racism that is sanctioned by the whole community for the greater good of - winning the title.
I tried not to loose sight of the teen-movie heart and also excavate the more serious story-line - and to use an iconic sports antheme  as a counterpoint to the reality of varsity sports - blood, pain & tears. A lot of thanks goes again to the marvelous counteragent, who once again has given up much of her precious X-mas family time to resume beta duties.

Comments are always treasured at my livejournal.

Girl In The War

Song: Girl In The War
Artist: Miley Joshua Ritter
Fandom: Justified
Completed June 2012, premiered August 2012 at VividCon
Size: 48MB (divx)

Loretta's story broke my heart. I tried to capture her story in this vid, her strength and maturity in the face of ongoing deprivation and loss. She was such a hard-nailed little fighter with no illusions about the world that it made me simultaneously proud and sad. A lot of her spunkyness and hardness is in the dialogue and therefore it was a challenge to tell her story visually without making her look like a victim. Another problem was getting Raylan to be in the story without taking the focus off Loretta or make him look like the hero. Luckily I found a song that supported his POV and fitted her story, so I could let him blend into the background as the narrator. I love their reluctant relationship, they both are so wary of people and life, jaded and cynical.

I am eternally grateful to counteragent who  patiently responded to all my beta-requests and sat through endless re-edits, balanced encouragement with stern concrit where needed and did not leave any of my questions un-answered. Since counteragent is not familiar with the source I got additional beta from Barklay, who sacrificed her lunch hour to beta-duty because work was eating her alive.

If you want to leave a comment please go here.

You & Me

Song: You & Me Together (Remix)
Artist: Miley Cyrus
Fandom: NCIS: Los Angeles
Completed May 2011, premiered August 2011 at VividCon (Club Vivid)
Size: 45MB (xvid)

This is totally light-weight and fluffy, a respite project after spending over a year on the previous one. I really enjoyed the Festivid experience, but I didn't really have the time or energy to tackle any of my more substantial vid ideas in time for a VVC Premier, so Club Vivid was just the thing.  Just pure fun, squee and adoration with zero content. It's about Kensi & Deeks. That's it. No insights, reflections or twists. And still, I love it...

A big Thank You goes to Jerice - Queen of Feel-Good Vids - for looking it over and giving me some pointers. I never knew that fluffy and bouncy was this hard. I also didn't noticed that Deeks NEVER shuts up. I've got a thing about 'talky faces' in my vids (I hate them!), but there was just no way to edit my way around all that ad lib dialog the guy comes up with and still have enough of him left for a vid. So in the name of fun over aesthetics, I went with the talky faces.

If you want to leave a comment please go here.

True Night

Song: What I've Done
Artist: Linkin Park
Fandom: Criminal Minds - episode 3x10
Completed February 2011, premiered April 2011 at VidUKon
Size: 48MB (divx)

Believe me if I tell you that this vid nearly broke me. It took me 17 months to finish this one, even though there were long spells of inactivity because I felt like I dug myself into a whole and couldn't find my way out. It needed a push in form of the VidUKon submission deadline to make me let go of the perfect vid I had in my head and to deal with the actual vid I had on my time line. A big Thank You goes to Fabi (tearful_eye) who provided me with realy detailed beta feedback that was instrumental to get this vid to a point where I felt okay to let it go.

To me this vid embodies what I appreciate about Criminal Minds: The emphasis on what takes people to the point to commit violent crimes and the exploration of the interaction between nature, nurture and circumstances in creating murderers. The acknowldegement that in real life the distinction between victim and perpetrator can often be blured and while criminal behaviour can never be justified or condoned it can still be understood, and this understanding is instrumental in preventing future suffering. 

If you'd like to comment please go here.

I Follow You

Song: The Bottom Line
Artist: Depeche Mode
Fandom: Rubicon
Completed January 2011 as a festivid giftvid for isagel.
Size: 78MB (divx)

Will's struggles, from a Kale POV. I tried to capture the complex relationship the two have, staying true to canon but leaving room for possibilities. The show has such strong visuals and acting that vidding it was pure pleasure. The show tells it's story with as little dialog as possible, it's all there in the faces. I am eternally grateful to Isagel for picking Rubicon and giving me such a great prompt, otherwise I would have never in a million years had the confidence to make this vid.  Still, plenty of  betaing from Sammy (jagwriter78) and Edy (counteragent) was very much needed to prevent total POV malfunction in this one.

Feedback is very welcome, please go  here.


Song: Final Countdown 2000
Artist: Europe (remix)
Fandom: Hockey, Olympic Spirit, Canada, take your pick
Completed March 2010, dedicated to deathisyourart and Milly for spreading the Olympic squee.
Size: 50MB (divx)

Excitement, drama, sweat, tears, joy, - what's not to like?  I did not spend much time on this, so it's nothing special, but I kinda felt the need to share my love and say "Thank You" to the Canadians for being such fabulous hosts and to both Team Canada and Team USA to deliver such an epic final to the hockey competition and the Games....

Please go here if you'd like to comment.

Falling Inside The Black

Song: Falling Inside The Black
Artist: Skillet
Fandom: Supernatural, mostly season 1 and 2, with some season 3 snippets
Premiered July '09 at Asylum 3
Size: 47MB (divx)

Dean always tried to protect Sammy...Keep him safe...His Dad didn't even need to tell him. It was just always his responsibility, you know? It's like he had one job... He had ONE job...  And he screwed it up. He blew it.

Born To Be Wild

Song: Born To Be Wild
Artist: Steppenwolf
Fandom: Supernatural season one and two only
Premiered July '09 at Asylum 3
Size: 38MB (divx)

Fun vid without any aspirations, made primarily to get to know Sony Vegas Pro. Warning, contains women, weapons, whiskey purple nurples and some Impala porn.

Comments would go here, I guess?

The Last Goodbye

Song: The Last Goodbye
Artist: Alex Band
Fandom: Heath Ledger Vid
Size: 7MB (divx)

This was my first attempt at making some kind of vid back in 2006. Actually it's more like a slide-show with ambitions. I only had pictures to work with so I used Photoshop, Image Ready and Pinnacle Studio. It's not very well executed since it was more of a trial. I always thought I'd go back an redo it properly, but then Heath passed away and it didn't feel right anymore.

Do's and Don'ts