Link of the Month

[December '13] VidUKon 2014 announced! This happened in November, but it's the perfect link for the holidays, so here it goes: 27-29th June 2014 in Cardiff - see you there.

[November '13] Fast-Forward Personal account of Vidding History, vidding tips and resource collection by celtic-dragon.

[October '13] Vidding with Kyle A blog on vidding from the 'youtube generation'. Only to entries from 2010 and now defunct, but intersting from a historical perspective, illustrating the development of new community.

[September '13] Hidden Door Tutorials Series of youtube tuts on vidding with Sony Vegas, includes a program overview, set-up, vidding basics and a range of specific functions like colouring, cookie cutter, transitions etc. Good for people just starting out to vid or moving to SV from a different editor.

[August '13] Vidding Evolution A slide show by ghostweather on community changes in amateur vidding, incorpoating responses from a survey she undertook.

[July '13] In Media Res A scholary look at media in general, with contibutions on vidding as well. Mostly just brief observations, and not easiely searchable. 

[June '13] The Vidding Shop if you need a last minute present for your vidder buddy, or some cool way to let your folks know what you are really into. Love the 'vidding-bends-time clock' & the 'I-would-rather-be-vidding apron'.

[May '13] Elivira Sweeney This is the website of the vidder who is hosting Fanish Passions, and the content is the same as over there, but a bit more structure. She's got a lot of pet peeves, though.

[April '13] How to vid like me - a tutorial Veritaaas knows shit and is sharing - not very comprehensive, but it covers the basics and has screen caps. Mostly for SV users.

[March '13] VidUKon 2013 is drwaing near, and I am already bursting with excitement. It's again in Cardiff, and registration is still open for another week.

[February '13] Medfest 2013 Of interest to those who are fascinated by the interplay of medicine and film and it's many fascets. The theme of this years event is on The Power of Medicine from a patient, doctor and society point of view. The fest will visit most major UK cities.   

[January '13] Choosing An Editor Cupidsbow has posted this very comprehensive introduction to various free and commercial video editors. Great for people new to vidding to get a sense of what's out there and what to consider when choosing your first vidding machine.   












The Help Desk

A little vidding resource center for those who want to get into vidding and don't know how to get started. Vidding forums, tutorials and some other random stuff that I've stumbled across and found helpful, amusing, interesting or fan-tastic in one way or another. Dip in, dip out, lurk, browse,surf or ignore at your will. 

Forums, Tuts & Tech

  • Foolish Passion - A Fan Video Forum
  • This is were I got most of my tech support from when I started out. Great tutorials, knowledgeable and friendly people, less squee and more content.
  • Supernatural Video Station - Vidding Forum
  • Pretty much SPN-centric, therefore a bit more squeeing and fangirling than at Foolish Passion but a very active community with awards and challenges. My place to lurk....(Saddly closed down in 2010)
  • Kawoosh! - Stargate Vidding Forum
  • I came across this forum early on in my search for a vidding forum, but for some reason I never really used it (maybe because I don't watch Stargate?). Included for completion's sake.
  • Creative Cow - VideoTutorials
  • Tons of tutorials of various editing programs. Find out how to beam Spock back to his ship or how to create the Sin City look. It's not easy to find stuff on here, but it's worth the effort.

Other Communities & Cons

  • BAM Video Vault
  • The place to be for Vidders, like youtube, just better. With over 8000 members and nearly 14.000 vids this will keep you occupied for a while. Emphasis is on the vids rather than the community side of things, I guess because most people are already on LJ (see below).
  • The Vidding Community @ LJ
  • If you are active on Live Journal than you will already know about this community. Good to keep up with all the new vids comming out and to find new vidders, as well as finding an audiance for your own vids without going youtube. Myself I'm not really a social networking site person - it's all a bit "too much" for me - but still a great place for info and keeping yourself up to date.
  • Vividcon
  • US based Vidding Convention, running since 2002 I think. I first went 2010 and try to go back every couple of years or so, but often there also is some amount of "brouhaha" going on beforhand, as everywhere where you've got a bunch of women people together, and that kinds of deminishes the fun.
  • Vidukon
  • The British/European version of the Vividcon. Premiered in October '08 in Milton Keyne, moved to Cardiff for April 2011 & May 2013 and the next is planned for June 2014.
  • Organization for Transformative Work
  • If you like Fanlore and are the type of person who loved books like "The Slayer Slang" or attended the Buffy conference at Henderson University to discuss "Gender stereotypes and the Image of Domesticity in Firefly" (amongst others) this site is your Grail. For the scholarly fangirl faction.


  • AVA - Art of Vidding Awards
  • Multi-fandom award page with high standards and well organised. 
  • CJA - The Creative Junkyard Awards
  • Competitive award site with 200+ submissions each round. They provide some feedback to the finalists which is useful. Make sure you've got a day or two to spare before you visit, it's a bottomless pit (in the best sense of the word).
  • Fourth Wall Annual Awards
  • The multi-fandom vidding Oscar. Very insightful reviews and high standard of contributers. The event to look forward to all year.

Link Archive 2009

Link Archive 2010

Link Archive 2011

  • January '11 One Day On Earth An amazing project to document the human experience around the globe for a 24 hour period on 10/10/10. Participants from all nations, including space, have captured their life on video for the world to watch.  
  • February '11  Veni, Vidi,  Vids The place to find out which vids other people watch, love and rec, all neatly delivered to your doorstep in a monthly newsletter.  
  • March '11 I Want My Gay TV! - The LGBT history of television A documentary detailing the history of gay characters and actors in US TV, with lots of audio and video clips. Produced by Sirius radio and hosted by the Paley Institute.  
  • April '11 The Vidding Community @ facebook People post their new vids here, but only seems to work with youtube. Place to go if you want to broaden your horizon and find new vids, new vidders, new fandoms or just see what's out there.  
  • May '11 Vidcon 2011 Conference for online video, now in it's second year, based at LA. Mainly focuses on self-generated material and the youtube community. They even have their own Antheme.  
  • June '11 Beards & Bow Ties Short animated film on the image of psychiatrists shown at MedFest, the national medical film festival that aims to explore the depiction of the medical world on-screen in all its different guise.
  • July '11 The Boy Who Lived Forever Article on fanfic published in TIME Arts this month.
  • August '11:  Vividcon 2011 How could it be any different? August in Vividcon month and we celibrate it with the Vividcon 10 year anniversary introduction vid.
  • September '11: Gublerland This month we are celebrating the start of the new TV season with Matthew Gray Gubler's personal website. This has very little to do with his day job as an actor (he plays Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds) but rather deplays his quirky art as well as some music and poems Give it a go, it's pretty amazing!
  • October '11: Dreaming in Color A vidding community specifically for characters of color. Sadly not many vids have been posted yet, which, in a way, is the point of this com. So, if you're out of vid ideas, why not consider vidding your favourit character of color?!  
  • November '11: Vid Pub Hot off the press, Nicki started a vidding forum this year as a hub to share knowledge and ideas and offer support to each other. A fun place to hang out for vidders and vidwatchers alike! 
  • December '11: Sony Vegas Pro Tutorials The SV webpage has a large resource area. Not everything is equally useful but some of the webinars and vid tutorials are really great to find out all the nifty things the program can do and learn all the nifty short-cuts 

Link Archive 2012

  • January '12 Vidding Tech Wiki The Wiki we've all been waiting for, that might make this page obsolete (I'd be cool with that). Bringing all the Tech Advise out there together under one roof. This is a community project, so do chip in if you've got expertise in some area. 
  • February '12 Hollywood, Health & Society This is a program that 'provides entertainment industry professionals with accurate and timely information for health storylines'. Looking at the side I do have some considerable quibbles, but I'm still amazed such a program even existed, so I'm putting the link up.
  • March '12 Bipolar Disorder in the Mainstream I am an avid TV watcher and also have an interest in mental health issues, unfortuantely those two interests rarely mix happily. Homeland makes me squee for many reasons, but the highlight for me was the realistic and truthful depiction of ECT (in the context at taking a pretty good stab at BPAD as well - in the confines of a dramatic TV series).   
  • April '12 The Johnny Cash Project An amazing colaborativ  art project to commemorate Johnny Cash. Anybody can submit a piece of art for a frame of the music video for 'Ain't No Grave' which continously evolves and changes as new pictures are being submitted.  Watch a documentary clip with contributers to the project here.
  • May '12 Art of the Title More title-y goodness! With lots of examples from classic Hitchcock to hot off the press Avengers. Covers TV, movies and events and provides tons of clips and interviews with the creators.   
  • June '12 AO3 - Archieve Of Our Own The achieve has recently gone multi-media and now also includes vids. It's gots loads of stuff, but I find the tag system is a bit of a holy mess. It's still rather fic-centric and vids don't quite fit in yet. But most people love it, and the archive is still in development, so hopefully it'll get more user friendly at some point. 
  • July '12 Vividcon Archive Lists all vid shows, vids and vidders past and present. Currently having a make-over of sorts so not fully functional, but it'll be up again soon. 
  • August '12 Are fan fiction and fan art legal? Very detailed article covering the issues of copy right, fair useLists all vid shows, vids and vidders past and present. Currently having a make-over of sorts so not fully functional, but it'll be up again soon.    
  • September '12 What Is Vidding? Here's Luck made a brilliant video explaining vidding as well as some of the technical and legal issues that go with it. 
  • October '12 Vidding documentary on youtube Final project for an editing class discussing youtube vidding with contributions from a number of vidders.
  • November '12 Boppy's vidding chats Vidding chats hosted on Boppy's livejournal between September 2008 and November 2009. Topics range from process, lyrics and visual effects to creative growth and betaing and everything inbetween.   
  • December '12 The Collab  Channel  A vidding tutorial collaborative for Sony Vegas users. Only started recently, so far they have tuts for colouring up. It' comes out of the TVD fandome youtube community, in case that puts you off.