Vid of the Month

The River The Wood by obsessive24: 
No competition this time, the month of World Cup. If you used to think that sport cannot be vidded this proves you wrong. Nicky finds all the small and big stories, the ups and lows, the big story arch of Germany's road to the championship as well as all the little moments along the way. Great use of additional footage to tell the story the vidder wanted to tell. (Team Deutschland)

[May 14]
Thousand Miles by fray_adjacent: 
A great look at the different layers of the relationship between Joan & Sherlock, Him teaching her to become a detective and her calling out his bullshit and teaching him about life and people. Great use of art at the beginning of the vid!  (Elementary)

[April 14]
Part of the Queue by Rowena: 
On occassion of the Veronica Mars Movie opening this month, I'm giving you my fav VM vid. This is a great look at the role of violence in Logan's live and how it impacts on all his relationships, including Veronica. I've got the vid on my hd, but have been unable to locate anywhere on the vid - anybody who knows where to find the vid online or how to contact the vidder, please get in touch. (Veronica Mars)

[March 14]
I Like The Way You Move by bironic: 
This vid is in turn riddickous, kinky, fun and sexy. And the editing is superb, turning the kinky sex games into a smoothly choreographed dance. (The Riddick Movies)

[February 14]
No More Sad Songs by some_stars: 
I didn't know the source when I first came across this vid ad VidUKon last year, and I was totally blown away by the narrative and emotional punch this vid was packing. It also made me check out the source, and while the crime stories are nothing to write home about, the depiction of an established, healthy gay relationship is perfection. This vid condenses the essessence of the movies perfectly. (The Donald Strachey Mysteries)

[January '14]
Who Are You, Defenders of the Universe by ohvienna: 
This vid perfectley encapsulates all the dichotomy of these peoples lives, the domestic, the professional, doing wrong things for the right reasons, falling in love with your spouse while screwing you targets. This vid is as mind-boggeling as the lives of these people and the concept of the show.  (The Americans)

[December 13]
Somebody That I Used To Know by froggimus-rex: 
I'm a big fan of vids for rare source, and this one hits all my kinks. This BBC miniseries is both visually as dramatically excellent, but difficult to watch. I did not ever expect anybody to be able to pull of to vid it and do it justice, but boy, do I love to be proven wrong.  (The Fall)

[November 13]
Stars, Skies, Boats & Seas by AnnaGiuliaFiction: 
To everyone I found and everyone I lost...Thank you for staying, or - if you had to leave, thank you for the stardust you left for me to remember you by.  (Multi)

[October 13]
Here I am by tearful-eye: 
A most joyous vid, uplifting, beautiful and dynamic. The vidder turns a schmoopy love song into a celebration of dragons, fandom and life! (Dragons)

[September 13]
Hymn to the Hollow by beccatoria: 
Sleepy Hollow is a brillinat new show which offers OTT silliness, drama, supernatural history and emotions in equal messures. This vid hones in on the feels and the relationships, I love the music choice and editing. (The Ike & Abby Show)

[August 13]
Barton Hollow by fan_eunice: 
This vid is as dramatic, emotional and disturbing as the source but also adds further layers - a great exploration of the main characters.  (Homeland)

[July 13]
Bad Things by nyalune: 
Kinky grown-ups enjoying D/S powerplay with teens. A surprising and intriguing look at a popular fandom.    (Teen Wolf)

[June 13]
The Price of Imagination by meivocis: 
In honor of the weirdest, creepiest, goriest, most disturbing New Kid on the Block Box. This vid makes great use of the stunning visuals and creates a dream-like atmosphere to show us what it's like to be Will Graham.  (Hannibal)

[May 13]
Somewhere a Clock is Ticking by obsessive24: 
Visually stunning source, brilliant vidder and Shakespeare - a match made in heaven! There was nobody who did not know who the vidder of this festivid was. (Hollow Crown)

[April 13]
Shake It Out by mresundance: 
My fav from last year's VVC. Beautiful source and powerful song that work on so many levles - as a tragic love story, as re-framing of history or as an allegorical tale. Whichever way you read it - it's very affecting (The New World - Movie)

[March 13]
Never Fogotten, Never Coming Back by StrangerInTokyo: 
A very effective vid that makes the best use of a hauntigly beautiful song and harrowingly beautiful source. Great use of text and lyrics as well. No prior knowledge of source required. (NaPolA)

[February 13]
Falling Earth by Faith: 
The end of the world as we know it, depressing yet beautiful.  (Multifandom)

[January 13]
Rid of Me  by condsdmlk: 
Love & pain combined in a seductive mix of carnal desires and deep emotional conections, this vid is in turn touching, harrowing and sexy.  (Legend of the Seeker)

Welcome to the Vidding Hall of Fame!

There is no way I could list all the FanVids I have come across that I consider great, nor do I want to. There are just too many of them. All the vids that I rec here have, however, touched me in some particular way. They are not just technically brilliant, perfectly edited or full of emotional punchlines, they also relate to me in some way. Some of the vids that inspired me most when I started this site in 2009 are listed below. Since then I've been nominating one vid per month (although not necessarily new releases) as Vid of the Month, vids that I particularly enjoyed for some reason.   

There are some people out there who are just brilliant and pretty much all their vids make my insides go mushy. And some fandoms just provide such rich source material that it keeps inspiring vidders to come up with more and more amazing vids. But I am trying to keep the list balanced and have a good mix of vidders and fandoms to showcase the diversity of vidding. I will try to limit myself to only two vids per vidder/fandoms, --- well, maybe three. Definitely not more than four --- five at the most ---six would be the absolute limit --- maybe seven in exceptional circumstances.




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