What's new around here?

[25/06/2017] Oops. Where did time go? This site needs some serious spring cleaning and dusting off, I'd say. Vidukon just happened, so I've got vids to post and things to say.

[27/12/2014] End of year house keeping done. Let me know if there are any dead links prevailing. I made two vids this year, to be found in the fan vid rental section.

[01/01/2014] VidUKon 2013 Eurovision Show with links posted. Art of the Title panel still pending, sorry.

[30/12/2013] I used my time at home to update the 'Vid of the Month' and 'Help' sections and also moved 2009 & 2010 into the Archive.

[13/06/2013] Uploaded my VidUKon Premiere. 'Both source and song are German, so a dubbed version is available.

[02/02/2013] Festivid reveals -uploaded my vid and updated some of the other sections as well.

[28/12/2012] Managed to finish my fesitvid, but sadly I again didn't find the time to do any treats.

[15/08/2012] Back from VVC and vid is uploaded.

[08/07/2012] Some new vid recs, but nothing much else is new. But the vidding bunnies are chasing me. I just can't decide which one to go with. Bummer.

[06/05/2012] Updated vid recs, put up some quotes and done some other house-keeping stuff. I am struggling to find relevant vidding links so if anybody has a tip, please let me know.

[03/10/2011] New links and vid recs up. I was also planning to do a rant on political correctness gone bonkers, but I'll restrain myself (for now).

[20/08/2011] My Club Vivid Vid is up, nothing much else...

[29/05/2011] Updated the Vid of the Month and Link of the Month sections, and rambled on a bit about VidUKon.

[11/04/2011] Back from VidUKon and am uploading my latest vid as I type. 

[06/02/2011] Today my latest vid went up, and over the last few weeks I've been updating other sections as well. Is it just me, or is no funny dialog on TV anymore? No new quotes (unless you want me to swamped the page with Damon's snide remarks. Because I so could do that.

[17/10/2010] Updated all the sections and have sworn not to  leave it this long again.

[02/04/2010] I'm a sucker for good dialogue, so I have added a quote section to the site.

[10/01/2010] New vid recs in the Hall of Fame and some other random links in the Help Desk section.

[27/09/2009] I've been so busy with the website that no new vid is in sight, so I uploaded an old one. Also new: some reflections on the news seeping through from Vividcon and some links.

[06/08/2009] Launch date. Very impressed with myself right now... 

Welcome to East of Eden!

25. June 2017

Back from Cardiff where Vidukon 2017 was - again - blessed with fabulous weather, which is ironic since we're spending pretty much all weekend in a - mostly dark - room. 

Very best thing by far this year was the vidding work shop we did. Pretty much everybody participated and it was a ton of fun. We worked in small groups and had one minute of song and a few different sources and a couple of hours to turn it into something resembeling a vid adjacent thing. The end result, lovingly dubbed the 'Frankenvid' is totally epic and magic and ridicolous in all the best ways - at least that's what we all thought when it premiered at the end of the con. :)  You can check it out on youtube, if you think you can handle the power and beauty of it. 

Belonging to a generation of vidders that mostly vid in isolation apart from beta input, it was inspiring, exhilarating and rewarding to experience this kind of commuanl creative process . 

27. December 2014

It's been a good year, vidding wise. I've only finished two vids, which is average for me, so that's okay. Both were lots of fun to make but not particularly sophisticated. 

VidUKon happened again (first time on a yearly basis) and went well. We again had a Eurovision Show, and again putting this together was really exciting. I got to know vidders from all over Europe and beyond, people using different social platforms and employing different styles and thechniques and also discovered very exciting movies that I had not been aware of. Again the best part of VidUKon for me, though I am sorry to see that not many people took the trouble to leave any feedback to the vidders in question, which is sad since participating in this show was a big deal for some of them. 

20. May 2013

Soo exhausted but very happy, VidUKon was a blast! I am extremely pleased that the Eurovision Show went down so well, and am deeply greatful to all the vidders who made premiers, agreed to have their vids shown and mad little intro vids. It really illustrated the diversity of European source and vidders, which was what I was hoping for.

Even though I had my Art of the Titel panel allready prepared in December, it did not run smoothly, due to some tech and organisation glitches, and in the end I did not manage to get through the whole talk. I've been meaning to upload it, but haven't gotten round to it yet. 

07. April 2013

I am so very exited about VIdUKon, you wouldn't believe it. I love having a vidding con on my door step, on European soil. I love that it's small, relaxed and welcoming. I love the opportunity to meet up again with the folks I interact with on the internets. I love just every little thing about it. 

In order to no just be a leech I've volunteered this year to do a vid show as well as a panel. I nearly didn't get round to do a Premiere of my own, but there is no way in fandom that I'm going to a con and don't take a vid along - so I picked a really short song and a movie to keep source limited and pulled a couple of all-nighters. 

15. August 2012

Just back from VVC. I had a very lovely time, reconnecting with friends and getting to know a whole new bunch of amazing people. Highlights most definately were the panels and hanging out with people inbetween programming and at various room parties. I enjoyed myself thoroughly the whole weekend, if you were one of the people I hang out with, consider yourself hugged again, just for good measure.  

Premieres were great and I'll be making some recs on LJ in the near-ish future, but the show as a whole was somewhat exhausting due to it's lengths (just under 40 vids) and the large number of fandoms that I was not familiar with. I'll have to do some vid re-watching and digesting before posting.  

08. July 2012

Getting all excited for VVC. I've found myself a couple of roomies and am looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones. Not looking forward to the flight, though, but hopefully my lap-top and ipod batteries play ball and I can keep myself occupied with catch-up TV and some podcasts. The British summer has been disasterous, even for the already notorioulsy low standards that the island dwellers have for what consititues 'good weather'. So I'm looking forward to the US heat wave, even if it means I'm going to melt away like butter. I need me some sunshine.

On vidding related news I have now completed and submitted my VVC premiere. It took considerable effort from a couple of betas to get me to make the vid I wanted to make, but I'm really pleased with the end results. it only sucks that I now have to wait til August. Ah, well, I'll just have to keep watching by my own lonely self. 

06. May 2012

So, where are things up to, you wonder? Me too, funnily enough. On the good side, after a lot of contemplation, reflection and counting pennies, I've got myself a plane ticket to Chicago for August. If it wasn't for the air fair, going to VVC would be a no-brainer, but with fuel prices up trough the roof and the Olympic games, prices are just ridiculous. Another good thing is that there might be another VidUKon next year. I am really hoping that there are enough volunteeres to make it happen and am already all exited about this!

Unfortunately, the list of things that didn't work our like planned is just as long. If you are perceptive, you will have noticed that I didn't manage any festivid treats. Even worse, I signed up for Club Vivid, but run into a shit-load of trouble with my source which delayed the editing so much that by the deadline the time-line was still half-empty, so there wasn't even a point in asking Ian for an extension. This is very, very sadness inducing for me, because I would have loved to have a vid playing at Club Vivid when I am actually there. Two years ago, I went, last year my vid went, but we just can't seem make it together. *Sniffles*

So now, I have to put all my energy into a premiere, but that is just so much more daunting. With Club Vivid vids I feel like pretty much anything goes, and it can be fluffy and superficial and just fun. A premiere is supposed to be clever, or deep, or touching, or funny in a clever and unexpected way, or have a novel concept, or just be brilliant. Well, screw that, I say, I've decided, for me, I'll turn that expectation on it's head: Anything goes....because otherwise that vid is never gonna happen, either.

03. October 2011

I'm rather bummed that I missed the Festivid Nominations, well, kinda?! I was checking in every day to check out what other people where doing, I prepared my own neat little list of neglected fandoms that just NEEDED to be vidded, but when I got ready to submit it I realised that I had gotten the date wrong and it had already closed. Turns out that if you don't refresh your browser for several days, the counter on the top of the page gets out of sync as well, so not even this clever feature saved me. I know, it's all my own fault for not doing it straight away. 

So now I'm wondering whether there is much point in signing up, or whether I should just pick up one or two random prompts that appeal to me and  do them as treats. Not that I have the time, mind you, life is busy as always, there's Christmas  coming up, and my list of neglected vid ideas is long enough for a life time...

29. May 2011

VidUKon was everything I hoped it to be, just better and with way more sunshine. If you are curious why don't you go and check out th con reports, vid shows or panels here. I also got tickets for Vividcon, didn't even have to go on the waiting list, but I haven't decided whether I'll go or roll it over till next year. VidUKon was such a great experience that I don't really feel the need to go (considering the costs for flight and hotel), the only thing that makes me sway is, like always, the people. We'll see...

27. March 2011

I'm very excited because we're getting closer and closer to VidUKon, and I've been looking forward to this for a long time. I think it's gonna be really comfy, relaxed and tons of fun. And with there being less people and less programming it will be easier to get to know people properly and no need to decide between attending vid shows or panels. Also, I'm gonna premiere my 'moldy' vid, I decided that it was never going to get as good as I wanted it to be, made some last rounds of improvements changes and then just called it quits. The lesson from this and festivids seems to be that I work better with deadlines, so I've also signed up to make a vid for Club Vivid. When, you ask? No, I don't know either.... 

06. February 2011

A miracle has occurred, there is a new vid, thanks to isagel for providing the inspiration and festivids for providing a deadline. The other, aforementioned vid is still in a state of moldiness, but I am still hoping to get back to it someday. Vitals are week but still present, - I think. 

Just like with VVC I've disqualified all festivids from the February vid rec round because how could I just pick one out of this abundance of fabulous vids. If you want to know which ones I liked the best you have to check out the festivids page and screen the comments. Or just watch the vids and pick your own favourites!!!

17. October 2010

My vid is getting moldy on the timeline, and given that I've signed up for Festivids (yay!) I don't' see that changing anytime soon (booh!). It might actually die of neglect without anybody noticing. In more cheerful news I've been to Vividcon and actually had a good time (for more on that topic see random ramblings). And there might even be another VidUKon next year. I'm feeling spoiled. 

By the way, there were so many brilliant vids at VVC that I disqualified the whole lot from the August vid rec. No way I could settle on just one vid, if you want to see which my favs where check out my LJ post here.

2. April 2010

The vid I have been working on is in the betaing phase, so hopefully I'll have something to add to the vid section soon. Unfortunately my beta lives in a part of the country were internet connections hand-deliver each byte, - or so it seems. Which means we're depending on snail mailing...

I've now succumbed to the lure of livejournal and do some random posting of my more perishable thoughts over there. Main attraction I guess is  that it makes interaction easier, but I will have to see how it goes. But I still prefer the structure and organisation a website provides. Call me old-fashioned.

10. January 2010

Time flies! Four months on and still no new vid (but working on it!). Logistically I couldn't take my vid with me over the Christmas break so I packed my website and used the downtime in between meals, meeting up with people and taking the dog for a walk in the snow to update my web page. I also had time to lurk a bit in the weired universe that is live journal and enjoyed reading other people's 2009 vidding memes. If I ever find the 8 hours I lost at the last Depeche Mode after party (don't ask) I might even ramble on a bit about that...

27. September 2009

Chris has responded to my plea and came up with a lovely header, some buttons and vid placeholders for my page. Being the perfectionist that she is she's gone back to the drawing board to tweak the design a bit more (unfortunately she's limited by my very basic coding skills), so there might be more changes coming up. 

16.August 2009

This has been coming for a long time now, but life has kept getting in the way with any fanish activities. But now that I've finishes my first couple of vids I thought they deserve a proper home on the net, even if it's more of a shack then a house. Since me and Dreamweaver don't really see eye to I, I've sneaked myself a template from the nice people at Free CSS Templates for now. I'm hoping that my talented Beta (*best Bogart-imitation voice* "...this is looking at you , Chris...") can be persuaded to donate some artwork to spruce the place up a bit, but for now this will have to do.

You will find my vids in the FanVid Rental section and recs in the Vidding Hall of Fame. The Help Desk is an assortment of vidding links, and maybe in the distant future will include a tutorial section as well, though I rather doubt it (life is just too short...). I'll probably have enough on my hands updating this page, I think. Random Ramblings is just that, my place to moan, rant, squee, share the love and ponder life.